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What usually holds us back is …us. I know it, I have been there.

Coaching means exploring whatever holds you back and then stepping into your strengths. To achieve, to thrive, to live.

That’s my philosophy.

I can help you overcome your limitations and get clarity on how to move forward and gain courage to reach your goals. 

My clients say about me

I worked with Rafal for leadership coaching and it was one of the most enriching experiences in my career to date! Raf is empathetic, deeply committed and asks all the right questions. He helped me identify behaviors I had adopted which were not working in my favor, both professionally and personally, and empowered me to make positive changes. I highly recommend Raf to anybody who is looking for clarity and could use a helping hand to get there.
London, UK
Raf is an amazing coach. I've worked with him now for over a year and a half and continue to see him every couple of weeks. Raf has helped me through many challenges, both professionally and personally; he has helped me to better understand problems I face, discuss possible solutions, and to better achieve my goals. I have grown immensely as a leader through Raf's support and coaching. Raf is excellent as a mentor, he is an amazing listener, and he has the ability to help break down challenges into discrete, palatable units of focus to work on. I think of him often when I am working through a problem, and he is one of the first people that I want to talk to when faced with a new obstacle. I would recommend his coaching and services to anyone in a heartbeat and hope to continue meeting with him as my coach for a long time to come.
Ontario, Canada
I worked with Raf over a five month period of time and found him to be the perfect balance of compassionate and challenging, which helped me take ownership of my career. Through his coaching, I gained clarity on my strengths and weaknesses with an eye towards finding a balance. He celebrated my identity and pushed me to grow. I highly recommend working with Raf if you are a high-performing individual who wants to take your career to the next level.
Madison, United States