Have you reached a point in your life or career where you feel stuck and you know something needs to change?

Maybe you’re facing some challenging decisions that you haven’t had to make before, or some difficult conversations you know you need to have, but the thought alone makes you anxious.

Perhaps it’s time for you to step up – get that promotion, make that pitch, land that speaking gig – but although nobody would know it, you’re lacking the confidence to do so. You want to be a leader, but if you’re honest you’re not even sure what that really means. 

The first step to overcoming your limitations is admitting what they are and gaining clarity on how to move forward. 

I can help you with


Single-session or tailored journey to help you reach your dreams.


Training and Development for your staff that hits the spot.

Career Change

Empowering experience to help you land a job you love and thrive in.

My clients’ testimonials

Raf’s help was invaluable in guiding me through a major career and life change, polishing my CV and helping me identify the kind of roles that were the best fit for me.

Glasgow, Scotland

Raf is an encouraging and empowering coach whose curiosity and ability to listen helped me re-think my path and orient it towards my ultimate dream job.

Cracow, Poland

Change in professional career after 23 years working for one company is stresfull and full of emotions. Thanks to Raf's assistance, I felt more confident. He helped me in every stage of transition: from understanding "why", through finding my path "where", ending in process "how and when". Raf is great listener, asks the right and inspirational questions, suggests details in communication or creating CV

Warsaw, Poland

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