I am a Coach.

What Life do you really want to live?

The change and transformation are not easy but really possible. I know that. I have done that.

How Can I Help You?

This is how I can help You.



My coaching is about helping you overcome whatever holds you back and transforming the way you work, lead and live.


I will help you build on your strengths and challenge the limitations so you can feel fulfilled, empowered and satisfied.

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Inspiring and motivating people by sharing my story, knowledge and message. My mission is to empower and uplift people I meet. When I speak, I connect. When I share, I inspire.


I will help you turn it into an empowering self-discovery experience where you will re-define your professional goals, grow your confidence and find clarity. In other words, I will help you thrive

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Training and Facilitating


Inspiring and motivating people by sharing my story, knowledge and message. My mission is to empower and uplift people I meet. When I speak, I connect. When I share, I inspire.

Training and Facilitating

Whether classroom, virtual or online, I keep people engaged and invested, which really makes an impact.

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About Me

I help people overcome and transform their lives.

What usually holds us back is …us. I know it, I have been there.

Coaching means exploring whatever holds you back and overcoming it and then stepping into your strengths. To achieve, to thrive, to live.

That’s my life experience and also my coaching philosophy.

I can help you find the strength, fire and resources within to overcome whatever is holding you back and change your life.



Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.
I worked with Rafal for leadership coaching and it was one of the most enriching experiences in my career to date! Raf is empathetic, deeply committed and asks all the right questions. He helped me identify behaviors I had adopted which were not working in my favor, both professionally and personally, and empowered me to make positive changes. I highly recommend Raf to anybody who is looking for clarity and could use a helping hand to get there.
London, UK
Raf is an amazing coach. I've worked with him now for over a year and a half and continue to see him every couple of weeks. Raf has helped me through many challenges, both professionally and personally; he has helped me to better understand problems I face, discuss possible solutions, and to better achieve my goals. I have grown immensely as a leader through Raf's support and coaching. Raf is excellent as a mentor, he is an amazing listener, and he has the ability to help break down challenges into discrete, palatable units of focus to work on. I think of him often when I am working through a problem, and he is one of the first people that I want to talk to when faced with a new obstacle. I would recommend his coaching and services to anyone in a heartbeat and hope to continue meeting with him as my coach for a long time to come.
Ontario, Canada
I worked with Raf over a five month period of time and found him to be the perfect balance of compassionate and challenging, which helped me take ownership of my career. Through his coaching, I gained clarity on my strengths and weaknesses with an eye towards finding a balance. He celebrated my identity and pushed me to grow. I highly recommend working with Raf if you are a high-performing individual who wants to take your career to the next level.
Madison, United States
I had the pleasure of being coached by Rafal for 6 months as part of a leadership development program at Accenture. It was a truly enriching experience that exceeded all my expectations. Rafal's exceptional empathy, commitment, and insightful questioning empowered me to become a better leader and make positive changes that truly have transformed my career. I highly recommend Rafal to anyone seeking greater clarity and guidance in their personal or professional development.
Berlin, Germany
I've met Rafał as the part of benefit program provided by my employer. It was such a short but one of the most meaningful experiences in my life. Besides his professionalism and ability to ask only right questions, Rafał is one of the most sweet, kind and open persons I've ever met. He didn't give me answers - but gave me a lot of courage to fight both for my career and my development, but also for myself. He encouraged me to be more kind to myself and help me to look at life as one big journey, with endless possibilities, where failures doesn't exist - because he showed me that it's my decision how I see world around me. I'm more than grateful that I had a chance to meet this amazing man, have a great laugh sometimes and sometimes cry a bit, to speak about confidence and next minute comparing it to Disney movies. Rafał - thank you so much for every talk, I'll never be the same after meeting you, and it feels so great
Białystok, Poland
How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

Transforming your life is not easy, but it’s possible and it’s the most amazing gift you can give yourself. It’s a path You can set for Yourself and walk it for the rest of your life.

Do you want to talk?

Let’s talk and see how you can start your journey!

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Make a decision
The first step is to start somewhere. This somewhere is often the decision that You want something else, something better, bolder and more aligned with who you are.
Meet me
We will meet and talk, explore, discover, uncover and partner to help you understand how you can experience the transformation into the life you want.
Show Commitment
This is the exciting aspect of your transformation. It’s the daily mindful and intentional action, experimentation and reflection, the successes and learnings as you continue your change.
Your Transformation
That’s the reward, the change and life you are looking for. Sometimes it looks different to what you initially had in mind, but it is always Yours.

My book.

I co-wrote ‘Solution Focused Team Coaching’ as part of my coach educator and mentor life. Solution focused coaching is a transformational coaching method and I witnessed how profoundly it can impact people’s lives.
This book is for any coach, from those that would like to learn a pragmatic, impactful and easy way to move into team coaching, to experienced team coaches who would like to learn a new approach and expand their skills, and anybody interested in exploring the fascinating world of Team Coaching.
I am really proud of it and hope you find it useful and impactful as well.


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