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Coaching helps you recognise your strengths and limitations and their impact on your life, both professional and private. More importantly, coaching helps you build on those strengths and address the limitations in order to feel fulfilled, empowered and satisfied.
You can choose a single session or full package of strength-based and goal-oriented coaching, which includes post-session notes, homework, additional resources and email support.
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Career Transition

Career transition or simply job search, can be one of the most stressful events in our life. I will help you turn it into an empowering self-discovery experience where you will re-define your professional goals, grow your confidence and find clarity. In other words, I will help you thrive. Whether you are now searching for a new job, or evaluating your professional situation, this is a perfect gift for you.

This option includes:

  • mapping your core competencies and transferrable skills,
  • identifying your passions, motivators and drivers
  • my help in writing your resume and cover letter,
  • updating LinkedIn profile
  • assistance in your job search
  • preparing for your interviews

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Training and Facilitating

I am an experienced trainer and facilitator, who can deliver really inspirational and effective sessions. Whether classroom, virtual or online, I am able to keep people engaged and invested, which really translates into better results.
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