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(un/re)locking. My three tips which may help you cope in this stretch of our Covid experience.

‘The darkest hour is just before the dawn’ wrote Thomas Fuller in the late XVIIth century. Boy, was he right! As we heard the news about the vaccine, which may offer glimpse of hope for us and the world, suddenly lots of us are asked to stay home again and lockdowns are re-imposed in many places. This sucks really bad as after 9 months of…

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I didn’t ‘nail’​ 2020 and that’s OK. 5 tips to review 2020 and thrive.

Unless you are a Superman or Superwoman, my guess is that you may not feel you ‘nailed’ it in 2020. Neither did I. Well, we just entered end of year and it’s in our nature to look back, review and evaluate. I have noticed that my clients experience a mix of emotions which appear when we look back and talk about work and life this…

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