Where’s Your Ithaca?

As you set out for Ithaka / hope your road is a long one / full of adventure, full of discovery’ are the opening lines of a poem ‘Ithaka’ by C.P. Cavafy. Ithaka being a Greek island and poem inspired by the Homer’s Odyssey.

It’s a beautiful poem which reminded me of the importance of the journey, not only the destination. How often are we so focused on the goal / destination/ objective, that we fail to appreciate the path that leads there?

I find myself doing it far too often that wish I did.

Cavafy goes on to explore the pleasures and joys of the journey, its’ stops, encounters with new lands, people, objects. And he also mentions the demons, mythological monsters that we may encounter and ‘bring them along into our souls’.

It can be hard to focus on the now, on the path, on the moments and the people and situations that become part of the fabrics of our life. Because we see the Ithaka and are so determined to get there.

So today I am inviting all of us to think ‘Where is Your Ithaka?’ and ‘What do You need to appreciate the journey? (even if it becomes tough and challenging)

For me, a message from my former client who drew my attention to this poem (B. Thank You for being You!) was the lightbulb moment, the nudge I needed.

Cavafy’s poem finishes with a truly magnificent message, empowering, uplifting yet extremely simple. You may want to read it as well. Maybe it will help you on Your journey to Your Ithaka, wherever that is.

Be Kind. Celebrate life.



P.S. You may find the poem here: https://www.onassis.org/initiatives/cavafy-archive/the-canon/ithaka (no copyright infringement intended)