Can we start again? Can You start again?

Have you ever felt that things fall apart?

I have. And I know quite a few people who experienced that as well.

It can be extremely tough moment in life to navigate. We all have different approach, some of us wrestle with things, while others try to save as much as possible. Some of us persevere and walk straight into this fighting as best as we can.

Because we want to fight, and not give up, because we often think this will be a failure and we wanted success. Because…… you can always insert your own reasons. I came up with dozens of others reasons when it happened.

So today, hoping you will not need it, I want to invite you to experiment with the courageous idea of … accepting it, if it happens.

You read it correctly.

For me, it was the hardest thing to do. To accept that things fell apart. Like house of cards, with my hopes, ambitions, projections and any other emotional attachments I had. And fear of being judged by others…

Acceptance feels and looks differently to every one of us.

To me, it meant a moment of silence, reflection and understanding that something is over and it means I need to move forward. Move forward and build again, different.

And it didn’t change my situation. Things didn’t become less challenging, but my mind could finally think of a small step forward. And this step forward was asking myself:

  • ‘Can I start again?’
  • ‘Yes, as this is my life’.

And then

  • ‘How do I want to start again?’ and start somehwere….

When things fall apart, we may desperately try to save them. Accepting is not giving up. It’s the toughest and bravest act of living.

As always, keen to hear your thoughts.

Be kind. Celebrate life.