The shifting shape of confidence

‘What does confidence feel /mean / look to you?’

‘When was the last time you felt confident?’

‘What gives you confidence?’

These would be the most typical questions I ask anybody who comes to me with confidence challenge.

Confidence is an amazing shapeshifter. It may mean different things to every single one of us. Whether this is about speaking up in the meeting, asking for help, presenting at work, asking somebody out, overthinking what others may think about us or anything else where we need it……

Often when we reflect we come to a place of self-awareness and acceptance of who we are, what we represent and how much we contribute.

The story we tell ourselves is one of the most powerful tool we will ever have. This story is the collection of your life experience, your successes, overcoming obstacles, failures that hurt so bad and then turned out to be great lessons and Your unique abilities and qualities. 

The confidence shift its shape so much because it is so personal, unique, sometimes hidden deep inside of you, but never the same for two people.

When you reflect on those 3 questions… what shows up for you?

Shifting the shape of your confidence starts right here, right now.

Be kind, celebrate life.

Much love,